How it all Pecan.

From a not so fun health journey to your kitchen…

Two years ago I started to experience a drastic decline in my health. My joints ached, my stomach hurt, and I felt broken. After more than my fair share of medical expenses, it turned out, my body was attacking itself. I had markers of an autoimmune condition. With the help of my amazing support system, I didn’t give in just yet. I tried healing diet after healing diet, and finally found a balance again. I finally felt my age again.

During this experience, I couldn’t eat out much. It was necessary, but I longed for my cozy afternoons in my favorite coffee shop, sipping on a perfectly foamed latte. I timidly approached said coffee shop, asking if they would make my drinks with this homemade milk I had been working on. Being really cool people, they said of course! Before long, they approached me saying how great this non dairy milk was. It foamed and performed better than any other brands they offered. It took some time, but with their guidance, Alt. Milk + Fickle Fox Foods was born.

This business is my testament to the healing power of foods. It reminds me every day to be kind to my self and others, and to appreciate each moment in this chaotic life. I hope to bring comfort to you day and to continue to help people heal in whatever way they need most.